The Ship Edit

The Aion class tactical cruiser is a hybrid support vessel that is capable of taking on both offensive and defensive roles: Its primary beam weapon automatically alternates between damage and repair modes depending on target ID.

Lore Edit

Developed by House Oberon, the Aion was a new generation of tac-cruises designed for light country reconnaissance and fleet support.

Overview Edit

The Aion is a mix of both a disabler and a healer. As such, it makes compromises on both fronts. Its Beam has a lower repair rate,but can be used to deal damage too. The Aion is fast, compared to other Tactical Cruisers, making good positioning easy to achieve. Therefore, keeping mobiles and using Repair Pods expertly is crucial for the Aion Captain.

However, this Tac-Cruiser can easily be the most crippling ship in your squad. Tractor Beam Pods, Stasis Beam, Purge Beam, Drain Drones and Drain Mines are all Modules that offer disables, which coupled with high movement speed and Warps set the precedent for a very powerful support ship.

It can also be used as an "aura" ship, with Overclock Pulse, Cloak Pulse and Surge Drones all buffing allies nearby.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon medium beam turrets bg

Medium Beam Turrets

UI weapon light rocket turrets bg

Light Rocket Turrets

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