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"Shark wake" when literal translation from Russian to English. The naming of ships is a slab type. The Dreadnought and Artillery are standard seasoned. the Corvette has quite a habit.

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Thermal superiority and survivability

The Akula Vector ship is a battlefield workhorse.

It is the most robust and resilient of all companies.

The key feature of Akula Vector is durability.

Late than Jupiter Arms and Oberon, even with firepower, you can defeat it,

Its armor is generally thick and tight, which makes it an excellent battlefield damage damping device.

Development tree Edit

Corvette Artillery Cruiser DreadNought Destroyer Tactical Cruiser
Tier1 Rurik Simargl
Tier2 Tugarin Nav
Tier3 Kreshnik Vucari Chernobog Dola
Tier4 Stribog Murometz Voronezh Blud Koschei
Tier5 Netron Svarog Zmey Gora Ohkta
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