The Artillery Cruiser Edit

An Artillery Cruiser is the most vulnerable ship in the fleet, but none can match its destructive power. Each Artillery Cruiser is equipped with a long-range rail cannon strong enough to destroy enemy armor from miles away. Shift Energy to weapons to decimate enemy ships with several well-placed shots.

Overview Edit

As the official description says, Artillery Cruisers are glass cannons. They boast impressive firepower at an enourmous range of 7km, but can be easily destroyed by a skilled Corvette (flak cannons with Energy to weapons can defend against corvettes, make sure to conserve energy for when Corvettes strike). They are great suppression ships, with a sustained damage that can make even a mighty Dreadnought struggle to stay alive. Their Modules are tailored to offer even more damage potential or to enhance their suvivability and give them a chance to survive Corvette ambushes.

Standard Configuration Edit

All Artys come pre-equipped with the same Modules and Officer Briefings. The only difference are the Weapons.

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability SiegeMode

Siege Mode

UI Ability Missiles

'Flechette' Missiles

UI Ability Lasers

Anti-Missile Lasers

UI Ability Cloak

Stationary Cloak

Communications Briefing Weapons Briefing Navigation Briefing Engineering Briefing
UI perk communication bg

Communications 101

UI perk weapons bg

Weapons 101

UI perk navigation bg

Navigation 101

UI perk engineering bg

Engineering 101

The artillery cruiser can be divided by class (light, medium, weight, dependant on their faction.

light (house oberon)

medium (Akula Vektor) heavy (Jupiter Arms)


All ships can be purchases In the Tech Tree with XP. The exception are Hero Ships, which can only be acquired through Founder's Packs. Every player begins with an Artillery Crusier in the Akula Vektor tree.

Light Artillery CruiserEdit

The Nox class artillery cruiser fuses together latest technological advancements with House Oberon aesthetics, featuring compacted railgun turrets with unlimited fire angles.

Unlock: Rank 5

  • Health: 15.000
  • Primary Weapon: Particle Turrets
  • Price: 4.000 FP
              400 GP
LORE: The first prototype of the Nox dates back to the Great Solar War when House Oberon salvaged a Transhuman Warship to reverse engineer it to make it useful for practical countermeasures. Even though it had a very slow production cycle at that time, since for every Nox class artillery cruiser a Transhuman warship was needed, it became soon the pride and joy of the House Oberon megacooperation

Unlock: Founder's Pack
  • Health: 15.000
  • Primary Weapon: Particle Turrets
LORE: The Silesia is the flagship of a rogue Sinley Bay captain, whose identity remains hazy, but has gained a reputation as a fearsome destructive force. Some speculate he could even be Transhuman. What is known is that he and his crew lost their secluded asteroid base during a Pan Colonial Fleet raid. Ever since then, the Captain of the Silesia roams through the Solar System, hunting the PCF crew responsible for the raid, crushing anyone who gets in his way.

Medium Artillery CruiserEdit

The Svarog class artillery cruiser was one of the first designs to feature a fully integrated gun design. The main gun's fireing angle is limited, but it packs a hell of a punch.

Unlock: Rank 15

  • Health: 20.000
  • Primary Weapon: Heavy Tesla Cannon
  • Price: 8.000 FP
              500 GP
LORE: The svarog was engineered first by the proud engineers of Solarhoz during the Great Solar War and built to cover flottilla assaults against the Transhuman armada from the distance

Heavy Artillery CruiserEdit

The Grenada class artillery cruiser is Jupiter Arms answer to both the Nox and Svarog class.More a superheavy double railgun platform than a ship, despite the slow firing rate it outmatches both the Nox and Svarog when it comes to single firepower

Unlock: Rank 25

  • Health: 15.000
  • Primary Weapon: Heavy Particle Cannon
  • Price: 10.000 FP
              600 GP
LORE: It is now the backbone of the pan-colonial fleet.

Comparison tableEdit

Faction Tier Name HP DPS Mobility Shield effect Energy Consumption Energy
Akula Vector 1 Rurik 10000 1013 39 80% High 55
Akula Vector 2 Tugarin 12000 1286 38 80% High 65
Akula Vector 3 Vucari 16000 1538 36 80% High 80
Akula Vector 4 Murometz 20000 1833 35 80% High 100
Akula Vector 5 Svarog 22000 2000 35 80% High 125
House Oberon 2 Furia 10500 1100 38 80% High 65
House Oberon 3 Virtus 12000 1210 37 80% High 80
House Oberon 4 Nox 15000 1270 35 80% High 100
House Oberon 5 Stabia 17500 1707 35 80% High 125
Jupiter Arms 3 Ballista 12000 1780 30 80% Medium 80
Jupiter Arms 4 Onager 15000 2110 29 80% Medium 80
Jupiter Arms 5 Grenada 17500 2222 29 80% High 125

Changes Edit

  • Adjusted aimed camera position and FOV to allow for better accuracy at long ranges.
  • Reduced maximum range of all Artillery Cruiser primary weapons (from 10 km to 7 km).
  • Anti-Missile Pulse
    • Increased radius from 800m to 1200m
    • Increased pulse speed from 800m/s to 1600m/s
    • Reduced cooldown from 30s to 20s
  • Disruptor Mode
    • Renamed to Purge Mode to reflect its functionality better

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