The Athos Edit

The Athos is a jack-of-aII-trades: agile, quick and deadly.

Lore Edit

The Athos class destroyer is one of the older Jupiter Arms designs and also one of the most popular. This well-rounded ship was the workhorse of the colonial navy during the Solar War. The Athos is a jack-of-aII-trades: agile, quick and deadly.

==== In-game Description ====

The Athos is Jupiter Arms' next generation combat ships. Cutting-edge technologies enable the Athos's advanced capabilities to keep you safe and your adversaries in danger, while providing the ship with unmatched versatility.

A Sinley Bay black market special!

Overview Edit

As the description says, a jack-of-all-trades. The Athos is perfect to start a fight, be it with a well-placed Jump Warp and Scrambler Pulse or with a Heavy Nuclear Torpedo followed by a flurry of shots fueled by the Weaponbooster Pulse. It can be tailored to suit whatever playstyle the Captain wants, and even Ram people if the weather agrees.

The Athos is not a very good tank, though. 30k HP can easily be taken down with a Plasma Ram and a couple follow-up shots.

It can also be equipped to support their team with Stasis Ammo, Weaponbooster Pulse, Weaponbooster Missile and the choice of Primary Module.