Using its dual particle guns, it can engage enemies from a longer distance and keep them there with its superior maneuverability.

The Fulgora class Corvette is a newer reconnaissance vessel model from House Oberon. The whole design is inspired by Transhuman battle drones from the War and combined with actual salvaged and reverse-engineered Transhuman plasma turrets.

Overview Edit

With 50% more HP than the Valcour, the Fulgora can be a real threat to even the bigger ships, since it lasts longer on the field. It is a lot slower though, making the use of Blink Warp almost a must. Damage Amplifier or Assault Blink Warp are also viable, as Corvettes are bent on burst damage. The Target Blink Warp can be used on some situations, specially when the target is alone or isolated.

The Secondary Module should be used for crippling or even more damage. The Heavy Torpedo or the Torpedo Salvo are great choices for the burst Corvette, while the Drain and Weaponbreaker Torpedoes lend a more disabling feature to the Fulgora.

Once again, the Perimeter Module can be either defensive or offensive. Using one of the Anti-Missile/Anti-Nuker Lasers or Anti-Missile Pulse is a safe way to ensure your Corvette will survive longer, but equipping the Blast Pulse or the Disruptor Pulse allows you to deal more damage or cripple enemies even further.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon dual repeaters bg

Dual Repeaters

UI weapon beam turrets bg

Beam Turrets

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