There are currently 7 game modes These game modes are:

  1. Team Deathmatch
  2. Team Elimination
  3. Training Match
  4. Onslaught
  5. Havoc
  6. Proving Grounds
  7. Ceres Awakens

Team Deathmatch (PC, PS4)Edit

Reach the kill count before the enemy team does.

Team Elimination (PC, PS4)Edit

Only one life, eliminate the enemy team before yours gets exterminated

Proving Grounds (PC, PS4)Edit

Players versus bots in a TDM

Onslaught (PC, PS4) Edit

Two teams of 8 attack each other's command ship. You earn points for your team by damaging or destroying the enemy command ship, fighters, and assault ships.

Havoc (PS4) Edit

Wave-based PvE, with random modifiers and bosses. Similar to horde modes in other games.

Ceres Awakens (PC) Edit

Standard TDM with a twist. Special pods that grant buffs and debuffs spawn on the map, and players race to get them. Bonuses are applied to the team. Bonuses expire when their timer runs out of the player that picked them up dies.

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