The InvictusEdit

The Invictus class dreadnought makes up in other departments what it loses in sheer bulk. Fast, maneuverable and armored, it's a great choice for any strike group.


The Invictus was a paradigm shift in hybrid-engineering. Only House Oberon had enough experience through their focus on Transhuman technology ranging from advanced cloak-devices over nano repair beams to devastating weapon technology to incorporate their lastest engineering achievements into a Transhuman battlecruiser. The first Invictus prototype entered the Great Solar War at his last stage and became the element of surprise against the enemy.

Overview Edit

The Invictus is the Light Dreadnought. It sacrifices Armor for Speed, and is very adept at moving in and out to strike with Broadsides and Missile Salvos. It is very fast for a Dreadnought and even faster than the Heavy Destroyer, but has the same Health as a Gora. It comes pre-equipped with modules oriented for a fast strike; you warp in, unleash a Broadside and turn on the Autoguns while shooting with the Plasma Cannons.

Default Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon plasma cannons bg

Plasma Cannons

UI weapon repeater guns bg

Repeater Guns

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