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Fight for a brighter tomorrow. Jupiter Arms' ships are at the forefront of human fighting skills. As a result of giving flexibility to respond to various requirements indispensable for the success of every mission, Jupiter Arms' technology has acquired unrivaled diversity. The Jupiter Arms' ships are all-purpose, but also poor. Because they lose to the super fast Oberon in speed, but are faster than blunt Akula vector, It is thinner than Akua Vector in Armor, but are much thicker and sturdier than Oberon. Many of the names of the ships are named after historical place names, and there are also familiar names such as JUTLAND (which seems to be the famous Jutland peninsula in naval battle)

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Type Ship

Artillery Cruiser 




Tactical Cruiser
Tier 1 Agosta
Tier 2 Trafalgar      Dover
Tier 3 Ballista          Otranto          Machias            Palos
Tier 4 Onager Jutland                    Vigo                  Valcour            Harwich
Tier 5 Grenada             Monarch                 Athos                Nevis                  Cattaro

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