The Kali Edit

The Kali is the Flagship of Commodore Rajesh, head of security at Akula's refinery moon Phoebe.

Lore Edit

Rajesh is notorious for his cruelty and the crews in his fleet are famous for their efficiency. The Kali is a legend amongst mercenaries who have attempted to attack Phoebe and survived - they tell tales of seemingly indestructible fleet, made almost invulnerable by the Kali's unstoppable support prowess.

Overview Edit

The Kali is the impersonation of a versatile repair ship. With a high-rate Repair Beam, modest HP pool and evenly distributed Modules, it is the perfect support.

Boasting a Stasis Beam, keeping targets stunned (specially Corvettes) is very easy. Repair Pods offer addicional repair potential to the Heavy Beam, and allow the Kali to focus on things other than repairing. The Overclock Pulse is an amazing Module that speeds up the cooldowns of other ships, allowing faster nukes, missile salvoes and overall more Modules. Emergency Evac gives a much needed escape method and helps boost survivability, allowing the Kali to stay much longer on the battlefield.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon heavy reapair beams bg

Heavy Repair Beam

UI weapon autocannon turrets bg

Light Machine Guns

Standard Modules Edit

Primary Module Secondary Modules Perimeter Module Internal Module
UI Ability Beam Amplifier

Stasis Beam

UI Ability Pod Heal

Repair Pod

UI Ability EnergyToThrusters

Overclock Pulse

UI Ability Thrusters Dodge

Emergency Evac

Standard Officer Briefings Edit

Communications Briefing Weapons Briefing Navigation Briefing Engineering Briefing
Retaliator bg


UI perk weapons bg

Weapons 101

Engine rigger bg

Engine Rigger

Adrenaline shot bg

Adrenaline Shot