Kappa base

Kappa Base Edit

Kappa Base is one the of the two atmospherical maps. Built into a rocky coastline on one of Jupiter's moons, Kappa Base is a relic of a once-thriving city. The terraformers that sculpted its landscape into a livable habitat also created an environment that, centuries later, proved ideal for warfare. With jagged outcroppings and winding, shallow channels, this map offers plenty of opportunities to take cover and ambush enemies.

In addition to three flanking routes through the cliffs, the above map marks several strong positions for healing (Tactical Cruisers), defending (Dreadnoughts and Destroyers) and sniping (Artillery Cruisers). An ideal scenario is to have an exposed heavy ship taking (and dealing) damage, a hidden support vessel healing the heavy and a sniper providing cover from behind.

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