Megacorps Edit

Jupiter Arms Edit

“Everything is a nail.  All you need is a hammer.”

“JUPITER ARMS” is based in the Jovian System and was the first Megacorp to consolidate its place in the military-industrial complex of the Pan Colonial Commonwealth.  Run by unsophisticated, fearless and utilitarian warriors, it is the evolution of the Pan American Federation which became a security corporation long before The Great Solar War.  The most openly militantorps, it was their veto that triggered the war.

Akula Vektor Edit

“Keep calm and love the bomb”

“AKULA VEKTOR” was the second of the “Big Three” Megacorps to rise to power in the PCC.  Historically a Eurasian works’ cooperative aiming to create a worldly utopia, it quickly became corrupt in the run up to the Great Solar War, morphing from an idealistic developer of dual-use technology to a full-blown military defense manufacturer.  Headquarter in the Cronian System, “sleek” is the keyword for Akula—both their political tactics and their ships are smooth on the surface but brutal in effect.

Oberon Edit

“Peace through Strength”

Oberon was the last Megacorp to rise to a position of strong political influence in the PCC. A class of “warrior business monks”, they were originally a religious order that followed the Transhumans to the colonial frontiers.  After the outbreak of the Great Solar War, they began attempts at reverse-engineering any Transhuman tech they could get their hands on.  Unable to fully comprehend the tech, they transferred their spiritualism into a worship of technology.  Their main temple and HQ is in the Uranian System.