The MonarchEdit

A flying fortress


The Monarch is a true behemoth. Solid and armed to the teeth with Heavy Ballistic Cannons, its close-range power is second to none. While the Monarch packs guns that can decimate the sides of any vessel, it is the slowest, least agile ship in the Solar System.

This gargantuan Dreadnought was originally captained by Shiphead Rout as the flagship of Jupiter Arms’ fleet. Its strength and durability have since been pushed to unrivaled levels.

In-game DescriptionEdit

Thanks to innovative engineering, the Monarch is the king of modern might. The crowning achievement of Jupiter Arms Advanced Security Solutions team can fly in harms way and survive. There is no tougher, more state-of-the-art Dreadnought on the market.

A Sinely Bay black market special!


This gargantuan ship is a real threat. It is almost impossible to destroy, and its modules just give it more survivability. It moves at a crawl though, making movement really difficult.

It comes pre-equipped with the same Modules as all other Dreadnought class, thus making use of the Warp almost obligatory when trying to cover big distances.

Armor and Health Amplifier can be used to boost the survivability even more, making the task of killing a Monarch very difficult.

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