The Svarog class artillery cruiser was one of the first designs to feature a fully integrated gun design. The main gun's firing angle is limited, but it packs a hell of a punch.

Lore Edit

The Svarog was engineered first by the proud engineers of Solarhoz during the Great Solar War and built to cover flotilla assaults against the Transhuman armada from the distance

Overview Edit

With a very high damage per shot, the Svarog excels at taking out heavily-armored targets. Its higher HP pool allows it to last impressively-long against Corvettes, but it moves very slowly.

Adding the Bomb Catapult Module to the Svarog further enhances its long range and area denial capabilities. The Stationary Cloak module helps with stealth, but shooting will mark your position nonetheless. Therefore it is recommended to swap it for the Dive Maneuver or Armor Amplifier, as they help the survivabilty.

==== In-game Description ====

The Svarog, as its name suggests, is a mythical beast. Firey, scaly, and supremely flyable, this muscle machine. Feel the burn!

(yes, that's what it says in-game.)

A Sinely Bay black market special!