The Valcour Edit

The Valcour might be the lightest and smallet Corvette but it makes her perfect for wreaking just enought havoc to get under enemies skin.

Lore Edit

The Valcour class corvette is rumored to be the fastest in its weight class. To balance things out it's armed with dual heavy autocannons large enought to nearly propel the ship backwards when fired. The Valcour was the Corvette developed and massproduced by Jupiter Arms and built to get quickly undetected behind enemy lines.

==== In-game Description ====

The Valcour's light armor and 90 degree arc firing range take the speed and agility of the Jupiter Arms family of Corvettes to a new extreme. It gives a clear, decisive and overwhelming advantage over adversarial forces in today's threat environment.

A Sinley Bay black market special!

Overview Edit

The Valcour is the fastest ship on the game, and also the squishiest. Boasting a lowly 10k HP, it can easily be shot down. The problem is hitting it. Afterburner and Blink Warp makes positioning and movement a piece of cake, and the Medium Cloak offers an alternative if you want to sneak on unaware Artillery Cruisers.

The Heavy Torpedoes are another damage source, and are easy to set up for with either Cloak or Blink Warp. The pre-equipped Anti-Missile Pulse is viable after v1.0.2, with a very low cooldown and a decent range of 1.200m. You could swap it for the Disruptor Pulse, but its range is very small (400m).

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