The Zmey Edit

The Zmey class dreadnought was considered the colonial flagship during the War and can still very much hold its own in a brawl. It's thick armor and arrays of heavy plasma cannons are not to be underestimated.

Lore Edit

The Zmey class stems as far as back as the early days of the Great Solar War.After massive casualties against the Transhuman threat Solarhoz famous engineers designed and developed the first dreadnought to hold it's own on the battlefield.

Overview Edit

The Zmey is an all-around Dreadnought class ship. It moves slowly, but not so much that it's immobile like the Monarch. It boasts an impressive Health pool and its Cannons dish lots of damage, albeit at a low fire rate.

It comes pre-equipped with the same Modules as all other Dreadnought class, thus making use of the Warp almost obligatory when trying to cover big distances. It is not so easy to do dives, as it moves at a slower pace than the Invictus, but it is still viable.

Armor and Health Amplifier can be used to boost the suvivabilty even more, making the task of killing a Zmey difficult, but not as much as a Monarch.

Standard Weapons Edit

Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
UI weapon heavy plasma cannons bg

Heavy Plasma Cannons

UI weapon repeater guns bg

Repeater Guns

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